Thomson-East Coast Line 3 Is Open (Society News)
Author: Victor Chan | Publish Date: 11 Nov 2022, 01:43:11 AM
• Thomson-East Coast Line 3

What is special about today 11th November 2022?

Tao Bao 11.11 Sales! Shopee 11.11 Sales! Lazada 11.11 Sales!

No, it's the Official Opening Day of the Thomson-East Coast Line (TEL) 3!

Yes, this MRT line has 13 stations that will be open tomorrow on 11.11.2022!

You can ride for FREE on TEL 3 tomorrow, go give it a try and let us know how it feels by posting your comments below! Go on a journey of exploration and discovery tomorrow on 11.11.2022.

​Beginning this week, we would like to hear your comments and ask you to share with us interesting facts about the MRT stations along TEL 3.


Try something new tomorrow. If you're staying in Yishun, instead of taking the North-South Line (NSL) to Orchard, try the TEL instead from Springleaf station located along Sembawang

Rd (see map above). Take buses 167, 169 or 980 from Yishun to Springleaf MRT.

Tell us about the unique things in the surrounding areas Springleaf MRT station.

How many cafes did you count around Springleaf MRT station?

What yummylicious food can be found near Springleaf MRT station?

When should one go to Springleaf MRT station?

Who should go to Springleaf MRT station?

Why anyone should go to Springleaf MRT station?

Where exactly is Springleaf MRT station?

Make a journey log of your trip, compare the time taken to go to your usual favourite haunt by bus and taking the TEL 3. What was the time difference?