How To Get To Johor Bahru, Malaysia From Singapore After 01 April 2022 (Society Article)
Author: CY Tan | Publish Date: 03 Apr 2022, 15:06:50 PM
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All points written in quick number formats:

1) Download your digital vaccination certificate QR code image from Notorise SG

2) Verify your digital vaccination certificate on Malaysia's side at

3) Note that on Malaysia's MySafeTravel website, there are several outdated info. You will not need to buy Covid-19 insurance if you are entering via Singapore-Malaysia causway. Personal experience, you also do not really need to install MySejatera app, that app has a lot of bugs from my experience, registering, and trying to login doesn't work even after verifying. After entering Malaysia I have realised, that just showing the "Verified" status on MySafeTravel website (showing via mobile phone) is good enough. The only time they require you to show some document is when you just exit out of the bus and heading to the elevator towards Malaysia customs.

4) Travelling from Singapore to Malaysia, take note tha there are currently no available public SBS or Malaysia buses from Woodlands MRT etc. (Previously 950). If you are at the Woodlands old temporary intrchange, the only bus there is TransLink, to Larkin Terminal, which is the interchange to all other Malaysian States. For most Singaporeans whom I believe are only going to JB, there is no need to take this bus to Larkin Terminal (Further away from JB). But if you will need the info, it is about 15 SGD. (Note that this is actually a "scam price". Below I'll write to you the best way)

5) If you are in Woodlands old temporary bus interchange looking for bus 950, there are none. Instead, head down to Woodland's new basement bus interchange, take bus 164. Towards Woodlands Checkpoint.

6) At Woodlands checkpoint, there will be shuttle buses available betwen Singapore and Johor Bahru. (2 SGD on Singapore side and RM2 from Malaysia's side)

7) Prepare the URL of your MySafeTravel verified page while in the middle of the Causeway. This is because very soon your mobile data will be cut off, even if your Telco says autoroaming in Malaysia is free, high chance you will still get cut off once in Malaysia. (e.g. My phone's Telco told me I can call in Malaysia, but once in Malaysia I try to call out to other people, I get a Malaysia bot voice telling me my number is blocked and to dial some numbers etc  - Take note of this as well, as communicating via phone inside Malaysia may not be as easy as you think if you are using Singapore phone (varies by Telco)

8) Change your Singapore dollar to Malaysian Ringgit at the first money changer that you encounter while just cleared and walking through Malaysia custom, it will be likely the only money changer that you can still see operating. The main money changer that most people change their money in "JB Proper", the two moneychangers will likely be closed. (Counter closed by the time I arrived at 5pm+)


When returning to Singapore:

9) Show passport to the custom police officer at the Malaysia's side when exiting.

10) You need to make sure you finish doing Singapore's SG Arrival Card

(Update: This is no longer a requirement for Singaporeans/PR and long-term pass holders)

(Take note. The penalty listed on the Singapore website looks heavy, but I actually didn't complete it, nothing happened, just that my passport could not work via the scanner and you will be redirected to the manual counter, which will again redirect you to a small place with seats where one of the police will let you use an ipad to do the SG Arrival Card right away.

11) Note that there are still no other buses, no such thing as Kranji, Woodlands bus like before Covid-19. Proceed to Woodlands Checkpoint's nearest bus stop again, take bus 164 again to Woodlands Bus Interchange, then go to wherever part of Singapore that you wish to return home.

Have a safe journey 

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